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We at Detroit General Contractors offer a full spectrum of services in multiple capacities. As a result, we have overseen countless construction projects ranging from small to large. Regardless of the job at hand, we focus on the following principles and ideas to guide our projects.

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Firstly, we acquire all the proper documentation needed to begin construction. Despite the nature of your project, there are almost always regulations you’ll need to consider when doing anything major. Conversely, even if your project is smaller, you never know what issues you might encounter or when you will find yourself out of compliance. Take it from people who’ve been in the business for years, you don’t want to attempt to learn the nuances of codes and regulations by yourself. Certified construction companies in Detroit should be well aware of these regulations and build accordingly.

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Secondly, we oversee all operations and attend to any problems immediately. In some businesses, it’s easy to take corrective measures and fix errors without too much issue. That same leniency is not afforded to contractors and construction. When a problem occurs, if it’s not caught promptly, at best you’ll have to take several steps back to rectify the issue. At worst you could potentially derail the entire project. Our Detroit contractors are specifically trained to recognize any errors as they occur. At any given time, we’re carefully tracking the progress of a job ensuring the proper measures are being taken. When valuable time and resources are on the line, you should only be dealing with a reputable contractor who catches problems in the early stages before it’s too late.

Thirdly, we’re here to complete projects that are built to last. Years of experience have taught our team that you realistically can’t rush a project without bypassing significant issues. If a construction company claims to be the fastest around, you’re likely going to find poor workmanship is omnipresent in their final products. At Detroit General Contractors we are transparent about the process of our work. We like to think of ourselves as middle-ground contractors. Meaning, we won’t ever rush through a project, but we won’t move at a leisurely pace either. We’re not the cheapest in the business, but when you hire on our services you won’t have to hire someone more expensive to come to fix the job later. We approach each job with state-of-the-art equipment, certified technicians, and impeccable time management skills.

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When it comes to construction companies in Detroit, we’re the team that offers the widest range of services. Furthermore, you must understand that what’s listed here is only a slight representation of our full catalog. We are always available to further a project you have in mind. Don’t be afraid to get creative! We love to hear about your ideas. Here’s a list that breaks down some of our most popular services. Call us today, and we’ll get your plans in motion:

We’re the perfect choice if you want to remodel or renovate any space in your house.

Home Improvement

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Home improvement is one of our most popular ventures, and for good reason. It is generally advantageous across the board. For starters, if you undergo any sort of home improvement, you get to enjoy the project firsthand. Imagine sinking into a brand-new luxurious bathtub or cooking on a state-of-the-art appliance. These improvements will bring you joy and serve as a worthwhile investment. Home improvements today can translate into a huge return down the road. As Detroit contractors, we are acutely aware of how you can maximize your investment. There’s nothing more attractive to a potential real estate buyer than seeing a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom on the docket. Consequently, we can execute a home improvement job in any space or room.

Are you worried about the setup procedures that follow a new installation? We understand, however, Detroit General Contractors employs team members who are trained in a myriad of relevant skills. Our contractors can follow up on any installation they procure whether it requires plumbing, electrical, or the structural setup. Therein is the beauty of working with a certified and licensed general contractor. There are no middlemen on our projects or people you need to call to finish the job. We start the task, work on the task, and finally, we finish the task. Conversely, if for whatever reason we find ourselves in need of a subcontractor to complete a specialty service, we’ll find the right people for the job. Our Detroit contractors are well respected in the industry and beyond. We’ve forged the proper relationships with other businesses, and only extend work out to those who meet our high standards for productivity and results.

Detroit General Contractors is here to crunch the numbers for you.

Residential & Commercial

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Improvement projects aren’t just for our residential customers. In fact, we offer nearly all the same services to our commercial customers. We take our commercial projects very seriously because commercial properties often have a lot of rules and regulations to adhere to. If you’re found to be out of regulation in any capacity, it can mean a whole lot of trouble for you financially.

Frankly, you shouldn’t have to allocate time and resources to find this information out for yourself, especially when these regulations are often changing. It is part of our job to be in the know, and we are constantly on the lookout for anything that could affect your project.

Accordingly, we follow the same customer service protocol regarding your commercial property. We are just as transparent, as honest, and as thorough with our commercial projects. Nevertheless, we follow a strict planning procedure for the safety of everyone involved. This includes, but is not limited to, the planning and development stage, the design and building stage, and finally the construction management phase. We keep immaculate records during the entire process, recognizing that each step is crucial in the process. For those who need reputable general contractors Detroit MI businesses can rely on us to deliver results. If you need more information regarding our commercial contracting procedure, we’re happy to discuss at length our process.

Detroit General Contractors is available for major building and construction projects.

Major Upgrades & New Construction

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If you’re procuring a building from the ground-up, we’re the ones you want in your corner to oversee the entire ordeal. In many ways, building from scratch is not all that different from home improvements or general renovations. It may seem that way based on the mere fact that it will naturally take longer to complete. However, a lot of the process involves the same checklists and techniques. Our general contractors are available for step-by-step monitoring. We build homes and properties that withstand the test of time and leave room for aesthetics and visuals. In essence, our projects are not only well made but they reflect your specific vanity preferences. If you’re building from the ground up, you should have full control over the way your home looks.

Other construction companies in Detroit simply can’t match our enthusiasm and commitment to building the property of your dreams. We are honest and straightforward regarding our scope of capabilities but are always looking for safe and certifiable ways to bring your visions to life.  

& Much more! Call us today and we’ll discuss your options and get a plan in motion. 


The short answer is unequivocally, yes. It might be tempting to try something by yourself, especially in the era of DIY. Nevertheless, if you’re not absolutely certain of your skillset, construction projects can quickly turn disastrous. An investment with Detroit General Contractors today is an investment for long-term profitability down the line. Don’t leave it up to chance, Detroit General Contractors will manage the whole project for you. Call us today and we’ll get you started on the right track.

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